About Stiplex Inc

Your Innovations Partner

STIPLEX INC. is a Global leader in the provision of ultra-modern solutions in
the fields of Technology, Mining and Logistics.

Founded in 2015, STIPLEX INC. has five divisions that pools together the
efforts of great minds, with great interpersonal skills and versatility to
perform unmatched duties.

We aim at provision of a wide variety of goods
and services in:
1. Information & Technology
2. Transport & Logistics
3. Geo-Survey & Mining
4. Renewable Energy
5. Security Access & Surveillance Systems

We believe that quality performance is a result of ability to understand client’s specific needs, and provide goods and services to resolve the demands of the organization.

At STIPLEX INC. will work with you by listening, understanding your needs and timely delivery of services and goods for effective sustainability of your company’s / organization’s operations. 

We are committed to being the company of choice, to serve our clients with
passion and dedication to their satisfaction. You deserve the best!

STIPLEX COMPANY LIMITED is committed to being the most trusted and relied-upon business partner in providing world class goods and services in the field of Technology, Mining and Logistics.

To develop long-term partnerships with our clients, consistently exceeding their expectations with provision of high quality goods and professional services.

To embrace change and encourage innovation, uphold honesty, integrity and respect at all times.To continuously improve our best practices to the sustenance of flora and fauna

1. Professionalism – We serve our clients with the highest level of professionalism with a team of experts dedicated to the course.

2. Teamwork – STIPLEX COMPANY LIMITED, We work as a team to enhance improvement through KAIZEN principle.

3. Customer Satisfaction – We are customer driven. The satisfaction of our  customers’ needs is our inspiration.

4. Communication – We are available to offer support 24/7 through efficient and effective communication.

5. Passion – Passion is at the heart of our company. We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving.

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Our Business Principles

We do not just provide professional services; we help our clients find optimal solutions and expand options to better operations procedures.

Our unending desire to make a difference in the world pushes us to go beyond the limits and provide solutions to the satisfaction of the client.

Stiplex Company Limited focuses on having the future solutions today, with our dedicated team of innovators, we strive to create futuristic solutions today.

Permanent improvement of the quality of our services is an alienable condition for our prosperity

We ensure that all solutions provided by our team are not generic but tailor
made to solve the problem of the client.
We make the problem our own and solve it to the satisfaction of the client.

Our corporate system allows for boosting of market options and the summary effect of teamwork and respect of employees

We’re here to help grow your business.

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